Elevate Your Skills — Teens and Adult Karate Classes in Upland, California

Welcome to Upland, California's premier destination for Teens and Adult Karate Classes at Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts. Dive into the dynamic world of Karate, where tradition meets modernity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Teens Karate Classes in Upland

Traditional Roots, Modern Approach in Upland, California

At Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts, our BJJ program reflects the essence of this grappling art. Explore the intricacies of ground fighting, submissions, and positional control, all within the vibrant community of Upland.

Community-Centric Karate Training

Join a thriving Karate community in Upland, California, at Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts. Our dojo is a hub for Upland residents seeking connection, friendship, and support on their Karate path.

Teens and Adult Karate Classes
Teens Karate Classes

Unlock Physical and Mental Benefits

Transform your fitness and mindset with Karate in Upland, California. Strengthen your body, sharpen your focus, and cultivate self-discipline with our Teens and Adult Karate Classes.

Sandodai Ryu Karate for Adult Student

Discovering Inner Strength

The Sandodai Ryu Karate program is a detailed curriculum designed to improve balance, increase dexterity and hand-eye coordination, build self-confidence, and develop self-discipline. In the process, your body will learn a powerful form of self-defense, although we hope you never need to use it.

More importantly, you are beginning a journey of self-discovery. You will try and eventually accomplish physical feats that you would not have believed possible. The process of training your body to accomplish these things will teach your mind to become more positive and more focused. You will develop resolve, determination, and a belief in yourself. You will face obstacles and your own fears, and as you overcome them, you will gain a greater understanding of self and the power of the spirit. Sandodai Ryu Karate is a journey of discovering the connections between our minds, our bodies, and our spirit.

Whenever you begin learning something new, there will be times when some of the new items are easy to learn and others you may find more difficult. You may even find that you begin to feel frustrated or angry because you cannot perform or remember the techniques as well as you would like. It is at these times when you face adversity and frustration that we would encourage you to be gentle with yourself. A large part of your Karate journey is knowing yourself. Only then can you face adversity with a calm and open mind.

Similarly, many adult students are excited to be learning martial arts and your enthusiasm may actually exceed your current physical capabilities. It is important that you moderate yourself and stay injury-free. Our classes are designed to help you gain strength and flexibility at a safe pace. However, only you know what your body is feeling as you perform an exercise. You must begin to develop an internal awareness of your body and its needs so that your journey on the path of self-discovery can continue to progress.

The Five Goals of Sandodai Ryu Karate

As you embark on your journey of discovery in Sandodai Ryu Karate, we would like you to keep these five goals in mind:


To have your body become stronger, more balanced and more flexible.


To feel the power and capabilities of a focused mind.


To be able to defend yourself against not just one, but many.


To respect everyone, and fear no one.


To develop an indomitable spirit that can overcome adversity.

Why Choose Sandodai Ryu Karate at Elements of Change in Upland, California

Effective Self-Defense

Gain practical self-defense skills tailored for Upland's streets and neighborhoods.

Cultural Enrichment

Immerse yourself in Karate's rich heritage at our Upland dojo, where tradition meets modernity.

Community Connection

Forge lasting bonds within Upland's Karate community. Elements of Change is more than a dojo; it's a family.

Personal Growth

Develop resilience and adaptability in Upland, California, through Karate training. Elevate your life on and off the mat.

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