Unlock the Rich Tradition of Kobudo Weapons Training in Upland, California

Discover the artistry and discipline of Kobudo Weapons Training at Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts, nestled in the heart of Upland, California. Our Kobudo program is designed for individuals of all ages seeking a unique martial arts experience that seamlessly blends tradition with practicality.

Kobudo Weapons Training in Upland

Traditional Techniques, Modern Relevance

Our Kobudo Weapons Training program delves into traditional martial arts weaponry, offering practical applications for self-defense and personal development. As you train in Upland, you’ll gain a deep appreciation for the historical significance of Kobudo while learning techniques relevant to today’s world.

Community-Centric Approach

Join our inclusive community of martial arts enthusiasts in Upland. Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts is more than a dojo; it’s a gathering place for individuals seeking not only physical fitness but also a sense of belonging within the local community.

Kobudo Weapons Training
Weapons Training

Enhance Your Physical and Mental Prowess

Experience the benefits of Kobudo in the heart of Upland. Develop enhanced physical fitness, improved coordination, and mental discipline that extend beyond the dojo, positively impacting your everyday life.

What is Zen Kobudo?

Zen refers to the philosophical concept of developing inner peace, serenity, and a deeper understanding of ourselves. By practicing the physical skills of weapons training, we can develop the self-discipline to focus our mind, strengthen our body, and energize our spirit. The balancing of mind, body, and spirit allows us to build confidence, feel compassion, and develop an honest respect for each other and the world around us. We call ourselves peaceful warriors, as we train to fight the hardest of battles: the ones within ourselves.

Zen Kobudo is a complete martial arts program based on ancient Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, Chinese, and Philippine weapons. Students can earn belt ranks from White Belt to 5th-degree Black Belt. There are over thirty different weapons in the curriculum and students will also learn some of the language, culture, and history of each of the nations where these weapons were originally used. The first thirteen required weapons to reach Black Belt are: Simple stick (Philippines); Dan Bong, Jun Bong, and Cane (Korea); Nunchaku, Bo, Sai, Tonfa, and Kama (Okinawa); Katana and Naginata (Japan); Kwan staff and Dao Saber (China).

In the past, a student would have to train in either Karate, Kung Fu, or Hapkido for years and earn a Black Belt before they would be taught to use weapons. What makes Zen Kobudo truly unique is that students can focus on weapons from their very first class! Sensei Red has spent over 35 years earning Black Belts in these different martial arts and learning to use their weapons. He has taken each weapon and divided the training into three parts:

Shodan (1st level)

The beginning skills of blocking and striking.

Nidan (2nd level)

The intermediate skills of trapping, disarming, and kicking while using the weapon.

Sandan (3rd level)

The advanced skills of either using two weapons simultaneously and/or fighting multiple opponents.

By initially focusing on the beginning elements of each weapon, students can learn faster and develop practical skills in multiple weapons. With the creation of modern “safety” foam weapons, students can learn how to use these weapons in a practical sparring environment without fear of injury. This allows the training and physical workouts to be not only practical but also extremely fun!

Benefits of Kobudo Weapons Training

Physical Fitness Mastery

Engage in dynamic workouts that enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Kobudo Weapons Training at Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts contributes to overall physical well-being, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle .

Practical Self-Defense Skills

Upland participants acquire effective self-defense techniques rooted in the historical traditions of Kobudo. The program empowers individuals to navigate and protect themselves in various real-life situations.

Cultural Appreciation

Explore the cultural heritage of Kobudo within the Upland community. Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts provides a platform for residents to appreciate and preserve the traditions of this ancient martial art.

Personal Growth and Discipline

Upland residents engaging in Kobudo Weapons Training develop discipline and mental fortitude. These skills extend beyond the dojo, influencing positive behavior, decision-making, and personal growth in daily life.

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Embark on a journey of discovery and mastery with Kobudo Weapons Training at Elements of Change Academy of Martial Arts. Join our Upland community and experience the transformative power of martial arts rooted in tradition yet tailored for the modern world. Enroll today and unlock the door to a heritage-rich martial arts experience right here in Upland, California.

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